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Teetap Dadia seeks to explore the mind-body connection through asana, mindful movement, and breath. Her yoga journey started in 2012 and has been consistently present in her life and lifestyle ever since. Undeniably, the yoga practice has brought her a sense of ease and confidence in her body that she is keen to impart to those that are willing to give it a try.

She has taken several trainings and immersions, most notably in Yin Yoga with Victor Cheng and Inferno Hot Pilates with Gabriella Walters, which she has been passionately sharing with students since 2014. She has also completed her Vinyasa Yoga Training with Pranalaya Yoga Baguio under Gelie Dela Pena. Expect her classes to be strong, exploratory, and fun.


Teetap Dadia

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